Refrigerator Maintenance
December 9, 2016
Kitchen Tips
December 9, 2016

General Maintenance

  1. To minimize the time spent in cleaning your bathroom, make it a rule that the last person to take a shower wipes the tub, walls and shower door
  2. Cares for your washing machine; check the washing machine’s water hose monthly of wearing out. If you discover crack, replace the hose.
  3. To quickly zap off moisture, open a window or door and turning on the exhaust fan while showering.
  4. For less and easy cleaning of the bathroom, use water repellant to coat your shower walls and doors. It helps shed off soap scum, leaving you to less scrubbing.
  5. Create order in cabinet by making a clutter free counter, instantly makes a bathroom look and feel cleaner.
  6. Install towel bars in your bathroom to make it look tidier when you hang them across a bar and let your towels dry quickly.
  7. Use long lasting cleaners that help your tubs, sinks, toilets resist stains for a few days.
  8. Keep disinfecting cleaning wipes in a canister under the sink you can quickly zap off splatters and mess made so they will not get dry and to clean.
  9. Mix some quantities of liquid wash, water and cleaning chemical in a spray bottle and spray on toilet bowl exterior, seat, lid and wipe with a clean rag or paper towel.
  10. Clean your interior shelves and walls weekly, using a dampened cloth and purpose cleaner to make your job easier while cleaning stains and sticky spills. Remember to clean doors and handles too.