General Maintenance
December 9, 2016

Kitchen Tips

  • Kitchen sink tip; sprinkle cleaning chemical on stains before they go down in the sinks to fight drain odor, and then just wipe and rinse.
  • Avoid turning on your cooking gas not in use. In case of gas smell, evacuate your family for safety first. Prevent any of naked light within or near the kitchen. Turn of gas the cylinder and allow enough ventilation to surrounding.
  • Kitchen sink blockage: Remove any visible waste or oily water from the sink, pour hot water of about half a kettle into the sink bit by bit, cover the sink for some minutes after which a light cleaning of the pores in sink old toothbrush to wipe out any residue waste in it.
  • To keep your sink and counter top clean from soap stains, skip bar soap at sinks and use liquid soap instead or hands-free soap dispenser.